Half Fold Cellerciser

The Half-Fold Cellerciser is our most popular rebounder. Includes: Portable half-fold Cellerciser. Also included is a sturdy carrying bag, tutorial video (DVD), Cellerciser wellness book, excercise chart with example exercises and intro kit. We ship worldwide.

New Digitally Tempered Springs

People of all ages and sizes are enjoying the results of Cellercise® – the zero-impact workout that burns calories up to 700 calories per hour, melts fat, builds muscle and provides a long list of health-building benefits – including improved digestion, sleep, immunity, coordination, sleep and sex! The Cellerciser® compact half-fold design lets you tuck it away when not in use; and the carry case lets you easily bounce wherever you wish!

What You Get When You Buy A Cellerciser From G-Force Health

Don’t Exercise…CELLERCISE® DVD

The popular video by Dave Hall. Explains what CELLERCISE® is, why it works,how to use it, and demonstrates what Dave Hall does in his daily 10 MINUTE per day routine.


Written by Dave Hall, this is a 28 page introduction booklet of research, testimonials, stories, and benefits of CELLERCISE®. This booklet will motivate you to Cellercise® regularly and improve your health.

Looking Good-Feeling Great

By Carol Truman. A classic book on the benefits of Cellercise with pictures of exercise techniques.

Cellerciser® Exercise Chart

Exercise Chart Demonstrations of Cellercise® techniques. (More exercises on flip side of chart.) Warning: Typical rebounders may not be able to support you during some of these exercises. These exercises are specifically designed for the Cellerciser®